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Welcome to your own Paradise

Welcome to Villa Alfredo’s Resort, the most stylish garden resort, located in the heart of Pampanga, Philippines. It is just an hour and a half away from the busy city life of Manila. It is nestled within the secluded, lush tropical gardens, filled with exotic flowers, rare varieties of palm, cacti and bamboo species, and colorful birds. A perfect place to relax and enjoy… Plenty of sun, comfort of the room, courteous services and friendly atmosphere. A pleasant and elegant hideaway for nature lovers…

There are many leisure facilities at the resort including 12 first class and differently themed swimming pools, a separate children’s wading pool with water slides, jacuzzis, aviary and marine aquarium, which will surely keep both parents and kids happy.

Call us for inquiries and reservations

Manila: +63 02 5844840     Globe: 0927.9338858     Smart: 0920.6009904     Sun: 0925.8301640


Our 140 room resort offers 3 spacious room types: Hotel type, villas and cottages. All rooms are perfectly set amidst the well-landscaped tropical garden. Most rooms offers direct pool or garden view which adds to the relaxing ambience of the resort.

Family Villa

PHP8,000.00/per night

Bella Rooms

 PHP8,000.00 - PHP10,000.00/per night

Ana Villa

PHP2,500.00/per night

Wave Villa

PHP2,500.00/per night

Cottage Rooms

PHP4,500.00/per night

Nic Villa

PHP5,500.00/per night

Raf Villa

PHP6,000.00/per night

Lyn Villa

PHP 4,000.00 - PHP5,500.00/per night


Open Cottages, Gazebo, Tents, Tables, Kubo, Pavillion, Wave Open, Concrete Umbrella, Function Halls


We have 12 first class differently themed swimming pools, children’s wading pool, two Jacuzzis, free wi-fi area, 24- hour cable TV, billiard tables, videokes, aviary and marine life aquarium. We have different function areas, which could cater to all occasions that could
accommodate up to 350 persons.

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First impressions counts Villa Alfredo’s Resort entry to the garden is important. It is complemented with beautiful sights and sounds of nature, offering our guest with sweet memories that could create a lasting impression. Visitors moves through a series of interconnected spaces which enables them to see the garden and swimming pools separately. Almost every angle of this resort is adorned with lovely sceneries of nature that our guest would instantly experience serenity and relaxation…




Day Tour 

Adult: PHP230.00/Adult

Children 3ft below: PHP130.00/Child


Adult: PHP250.00/Adult

Children 3ft below: PHP150.00/Child

Check-in time: 2:00pm Check-out time: 12noon

Day Swimming Check-in 9:00am-5:00pm

Night Swimming Check-in 9:00am-12:00midnight

Overnight Check in 2:00 pm-12:00noon

Check out 12:00pm

Additional 50% Entrance fee for every succeeding nights
*overnight swimming and videoke is up to 12midnight only and will resume at 7:30am the next day.



Beer PHP100/per case

Red Horse PHP200/ per case

Hard Liqour: PHP150/per bottle

PHP 5,000.00 use of electricity for live band.

PHP 1,000.00 use of electricity for every 1000 watts of spotlight

*20% Corkage for non-accredited caterers.

*20% refundable security bond for the the
total venue rates

Down Payment is non refundable.


Non Refundable

Extra Bed - PHP300.00/Bed 

Two pillow and blanket

Stove Rental: PHP400.00

Unlimited Videoke: PHP500.00

Refundable (deposit)

Room key (PHP100.00)

Videoke Song Book (PHP100.00)

TV Remote Control (PHP300.00)

Towel (PHP300.00)

Basketball Court rental (PHP1,000.00)

Electrical Appliances (PHP150.00 Electric charge)
eg: Rice Cooker, Mircowave, Electric Fan. etc.


1 .No hard liquor

2. No eating near the pool.

3. No firearms allowed.

4. No littering.

5. No picking of fruits and flowers.

6. Wearing sando, t-shirt & pants will not be allowed to swim.

7. Videoke & swimming are allowed until 12:00 o’clock midnight only.

8. Loud music is not allowed between 12 o’clock midnight up to 8 o’clock in the morning.

9. Management provides 24 hours security, we are not responsible for item lost inside the car, please lock your vehicle and secure your entire valuable.

10. Please pay particular attention to your entire valuable and secure them at all times. 11. No running, diving, shoving or pushing within the pool area.

12. Right Conduct. We reserve the right to evict/eject any guest or group of guest should we find them engaging in fights, or generally disrupting the peace at  the resort

Not allowed: Radio, Component, Speaker, DVD Player, Magic Sing, Electric Stove, Gas Stove, Butane Stove. No Pets allowed   

Get in Touch

For inquiries feel free to drop us a line below


Contact Numbers:
Manila Phone Office: +63 02 5844840
Resort Phone Office: +63 045 455-1397
Resort Phone Office: +63 045 455-0789

Globe: 0927.9338858
Smart: 0920.6009904
Sun: 0925.8301640

Villa Alfredos' Resort, Purok 1 Barangay Baliti, City of San Fernando, Pampanga Philippines

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